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An environment graphic detailed tileset pack to meet your asset needs for your game development. Tileset pack focused on background environment, props, and platform detail. The tileset asset consists of free and premium packs.

- tileset at 16x16
- 3 types of platform
- 11 types of props
- 3 parallax layer
- loopable background

- All from free included
- New foreground type
- Runes glyph for the stone
- Multiple backgrounds set for parallax layer
- PNG type for the most back background.
- Itch.io page background asset as a bonus.

You can use this tileset pack:

Premium version: 
1. Build upon a part of games or similar use in any commercial or non-commercial project;
2. Publish related to games, school projects, educational purposes, and similar;
3. This asset pack can't be resold or redistributed even if modified;
4. Credit appreciated;

Free version:
1. Build upon a part of games or similar use in any commercial or non-commercial project;
2. Publish related to games, school projects, educational purposes, and similar;
3. You can't modify the assets;
4. This asset pack can't be resold or redistributed even if modified;
5. Credit is a must;

Credit: The Flavare

We'd love to see what you create using our assets! We're on Twitter @theflavare, so feel free to show me your work there!

We are still updating this tileset for better use and better asset, we need your support to make it happen, the premium tileset will be on sale until it reached to goal. and please leave feedback, so we can improve this asset for a better version.

thank you very much for your support 

Release date Aug 13, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorThe Flavare
Made withAseprite, Tiled
Tags2D, Animation, Asset Pack, Fantasy, free, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Tileset, Unity


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

[Free]Fantasy_Swamp_Forest.zip 441 kB
[Premium]Fantasy_Swamp_Forest_20220724.rar 2 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more

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this is so

 beautiful i wonder how you make such art

(1 edit)

Thank you ❤

We're making it by using a PC processing imagination and consuming caffeine.

Just a question about premium, even if you buy premium you can't sell a game with the assets in it

Hi, Don't worry, with premium you can use in your game commercial (means you can sell your game) or non-commercial. 

Credit are not mandatory but appreciated.


what about the part you cant modify fyuyyyy

(1 edit)

With premium, you can modify the assets needed for your game.

But we really appreciated if you use original instead.

Hi,I'm interested in the right and left vertical scroll side on this web page.Does the assets' contains in premium package?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I have added the page's background to the premium pack.

Thanks,I would like to purchase for this package.

I have purchased the premium package,but I just found an image without any layers in Bonus folder.I wish to have the Bonus' layers.Could you release these layers???

Or I wish to have the rattan at least.

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

My hard drive died while that .psd file is still in there. So, I'm no longer holding the files.

Apologize for the inconvenience.

good afternoon, I used these assets for a stage in my commercial game that goes to steam, of course I left the due credits,

Hi, Thanks for your purchase/downloads. ✌

can you share the game link? we also want to try your game 😊

This asset is so beautiful, going to use it for my next project, thank you for making this!

Thanks for your purchase/downloads. We're also looking forward to your next project.

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hello , your premium pack is not premium but is free it is normal ?

Hi, sorry for the late reply and thanks for the purchase.

We just double-checked that and the premium pack should have more files than the free pack. Please make sure to download the right packs. The premium packs should be containing a file folder named "Character basic animation". If there is a folder named like that, then you are downloading the right packs.

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I had the choice between two packs:

"[Free] Fantasy_Swamp_Forest.zip" or "[Premium] Fantasy_Swamp_Forest_20210917.zip"

I downloaded the premium (for FREE) and the folder does contain a folder named "Character basic animation" the problem is that it was free

(Sorry for my english, i speak French)

Ok, it was a mistake. Thank you for reminding us.

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You are welcome

hola!, estoy teniendo un problema, lo que pasa es que cuando trato de descargar el paquete de activos, no se me descarga, en cambio, se me descarga un archivo de texto, estoy descargando la version gratuita

Sorry to have you experience this. I'm replying to this after using google translate since I cannot speak Spanish.

The downloadable file is should be a rar format. You can extract it using winrar. The rar file contains 2 txt files and 1 folder. The tileset packs are in the folder.

If this solution still didn't solve the problem, please contact us at hello@theflavare.com so we can provide other solutions.

Hello! I'm really interested in testing out this tileset... But when I download it, the file comes corrupted...

oh, we are sorry to have you experience this.. could you tell us which tileset you just downloaded? the free version or premium version? 

we're gonna check it right away.

(2 edits)

We already checked all the files (free & premium packs) and we did not found any problem.

Can you tell us which packs did you downloaded?

can i use this asset in my play store project?

(1 edit)

Yes, you can use this asset for your play store project and credit us.

Many thanks, i will

Hi, Please leave feedback about this tileset. Any feedback is useful to us.

Deleted 129 days ago

Wa Alaikum salam, thanks for leaving a comment.

Looks interesting, I will send you an email for further discussion soon.

Deleted 129 days ago
(1 edit)

I sent an email yesterday

Deleted 129 days ago

We already decided that these tilesets are for free and we can't just change them.

We planned to make another tileset as a premium tileset (paid), but it's gonna take time at least 1 week in order to perfect it.

So, we will take a part in your co-op bundle if you can give 1 more week.